Fender Jazz Bass 1976 Black

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Fender Jazz Bass 1976 Black






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Following launch in 1951, Fender had stuck to the Precision as its groundbreaking, and only, bass guitar for eight years.  Times change, tastes change, choices are demanded.  So, come 1959,  Leo Fender and the team turned their attention to producing a "deluxe" alternative, launching the new Jazz Bass in 1960.  Years later, Leo put it just right: “Well, it’s like a car, you know—you come out with a standard model, then you have a deluxe model—a Cadillac version.”  The brilliance of the Jazz Bass lay in the introduction of both a neck and bridge pick-up - the neck pick-up delivering pretty much everything you might expect from a Precision, the bridge pick-up introducing the trebly attack so beloved across musical spaces as wide as rock and disco, or funk and punk.  And the two volume knobs giving you all the opportunity to mix and merge to make the sound your sound.

The Fender Precision is everywhere, and rightly so.  But if you want true sonic versatility, the Jazz Bass is the one for you.  For the full story, go to Fender's own wonderful history of this guitar: Jaco, Geddy and Flea Can't Be Wrong: The Story of the Jazz Bass.  The list of players Fender gives tribute to seems inconsequential compared to the 500+ you'll find on Equipboard.  But what a list.  Funk, disco and punk aside, "When you hear the breathtaking bass breaks by John Entwistle on the Who’s immortal “My Generation,” by John Paul Jones in Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times” and by Geddy Lee in Rush’s “YYZ,” you’re hearing a Jazz Bass."  Nice.

And, of course, there's Flea, who brings all styles together.  He's famous for his 1961 Shell Pink Jazz bass, received from a fan after requesting in his online tour journal if anyone knew where he could get a pre-CBS Jazz Bass so he could be “as cool as John Paul Jones.”  It's an utterly unique bass, now with its own Flea signature model.  But that original has stood the test of play and time.  As Flea puts it himself: "It's just a magic bass.  It's been a bass for so long, I guess, it stopped being a tree a long time ago."  Right with you, Flea...

And it's not just bass guitarists that love the Fender Jazz.  The neck is by design incredibly narrow, and thin front to back.  Any guitarist that wants to pick up the bass is going to be naturally drawn to this one.  Yes, it's a bass, but it's as close to a six-string electric guitar's neck as you could wish for.  Fast and easy.  A guitarist's dream.

Serial Number 7632663, Mint Condition, OHC


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